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    You are welcome to the Almaty Guide web-site maintained by A-Business company. Starting 1994, we have been publishing Almaty A-Business directories and Almaty Guide in English and Russian. This web-site not only combines information from all the issues of our Guide but also contains a lot of additional information on Almaty with links to the A-Business directory database. A-Business directory has about 200 sections of the most complete and constantly updated information about private and public companies and services in Almaty. It is currently available in print and on-line.

We also offer to your attention two Almaty maps: general Almaty map and a detailed map of the center.

We hope you will find our Guide valuable and Almaty nice. All your comments and suggestions are kindly appreciated at abusiness@nursat.kz

  Welcome   you are here!
 Almaty Tips   accomodation, transportation, medical assistance etc
 City Stroller   a detailed description of a walk around Almaty
 Places to See   what else you should see in Almaty
 Almaty Outskirts   places to visit in the steppe and mountains around Almaty
 List of Hotels   over 40 local hotels
 New Names   new and old street and district names
 Geography   Almaty maps
 Photo Album   a lot of beautiful pictures of the city and its outskirts
 Guest Book   leave your note here!



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